Basement Waterproofing

Exterior Hydrostatic Pressure is a condition that results in water seeping through cracks within basement foundation walls and those between the walls and floors.  This dampness and/or flooding within your basement results in an unhealthy environment with mold, mildew and deteriorated or damaged wall framing, drywall and flooring within finished spaces.

To alleviate the problem, American Basements & Crawlspaces often recommends a Basement Breakout , one of our basement waterproofing techniques used to trap the influx of water from the interior.  This involves “breaking out” concrete flooring and trenching 12-15″ along the perimeter walls, installing perforated drain tile PVC piping and applying PVC drain board up on the foundation walls.  The drain tile and drain board is re-encapsulated in concrete, trapping any water intrusion and routing through an existing or new sump pit and sump pump.

Leverage our 35 years experience in the Waterproofing & Construction Industry

We are a family-owned and operated business that has helped thousands of homeowners address water infiltration issues within their basements. Contact us today and leverage the years of experience and the expertise needed to determine the REAL source and scope of the issue and applying basement waterproofing methods such as a Basement Breakout to resolve the problem. You can TRUST US to deliver the most effective and cost-efficient solution to solve the problem.

Request a free consultation if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Wet Basement – seeping through concrete walls or floor
  • Foundation Wall Cracks
  • Cracks in Concrete Floors
  • Seepage in Floor-to-Wall Joints or expansion Control Joints
  • Seepage in Form Ties or Pipe Penetrations
  • Efflorescence – the sign of beginning water seepage
  • Flooded Basement – due to sump pump or power failure
  • Damp Basement – water vapor infiltration
  • Basement Mold or Basement Mildew
  • Condensation – Water vapor build up in basements or on garage floors
  • Radon Gas – seeping through concrete and openings

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