The Top Option For Basement Waterproofing in Orland Park, IL

American Basements & Crawlspaces provides top-notch waterproofing services in Orland Park, Illinois, and has been for more than three decades. When it comes to waterproofing substructures or repairing basement, crawlspace, and foundation cracks, we are the best choice. We keep up-to-date on the best products and we strive to be as careful with your home as we are with our own. 

Basement Waterproofing in Orland Park

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Basements and Crawlspaces Waterproofing Options

Every home – from the foundation up – is unique. A system that works at one end of the block may not work at the other, either because the land slopes or the foundations are different materials. A brick foundation differs from a poured concrete foundation. This is why American Basements & Crawlspaces offers multiple options:  


We are proud and confident in our work, which is why we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. We also know situations change, especially with the seasons or as a result of a major weather event. So, if you find you have increased moisture or standing water in your basement, crawlspace, or dripping down your foundation, contact us today.

Basement Waterproofing in Orland Park

The area around Chicago was historically a series of lakes, rivers, and wetlands. You can still see examples of this today in the Open Lands areas or around some of the more than 50 ponds in Orland Park. While it’s important to preserve and enjoy the ponds, lakes, and wetland areas, this topography can make waterproofing your home and business’ substructure more challenging. This is why we do a careful evaluation of the water issues in your home before creating a plan that will seal and protect it over the long-term. 

Creating a Basement Waterproofing Plan Together

We are committed to providing clear information and plans. First, we do an evaluation of your structure, looking for leaks, seepage, general dampness, wall moisture, mold or mildew. These are the symptoms of a larger water problem. We diagnose the underlying problem and create a budget-conscious plan that will prevent future damage. This plan may include any of the following: 

If you have questions about your home’s basement, crawlspace, foundation, or garage floor, contact us today.