The Best Basement Waterproofing in Burbank, Illinois

For more than 35 years, we have been serving Burbank and the surrounding communities for all of their waterproofing and encapsulation needs. Our family-owned, full-service basement and crawlspace business specializes in basement and crawlspace waterproofing and foundation crack repair, and we always prioritize the best customer experience. 

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Professionals in Crawlspace and Basement Waterproofing in Burbank

When we get calls from Burbank residents needing guidance on basement waterproofing, our team of experienced technicians will come out and look for the following “symptoms”: 

  • Leaking Form Ties or Pipe Penetrations
  • Efflorescence – the sign of beginning water seepage
  • Flooded Basement – sump pump or power failure
  • Damp Basement – water vapor infiltration
  • Basement Molds or Mildew
  • Condensation – Water vapor build up in basements or on garage floors

Our team aims to answer your questions, address your concerns and take the best approach possible to solve your basement waterproofing issues.

What Can American Basements & Crawlspaces Do For You?

At American Basements & Crawlspaces, we are known for our exceptional basement waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation. However, we are experienced in a wide variety of other quality services to keep your home dry. 

While we focus a lot of our attention to waterproof the inside of your home or building, we are also experts in exterior foundation waterproofing membranes. In some cases, it is required that our team has to work from the inside out if any furnaces or hot water tanks prevent access from indoors. For our process, we apply a coating to the foundation wall to create a waterproof barrier from the outside.

Having issues with standing water in your backyard? American Basements & Crawlspaces can install an underground water system to prevent excess water from flooding over. One of our solutions is a bubble pot. A bubble pot, or bubbler, is installed into the ground. These bubble pots work as downspouts to hold the water from melting snow or downpours from rain. Our team of professionals may recommend this as a preventive measure for homeowners to avoid experiencing leaks in their homes.

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