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Oak Park Crawlspace

Oak Park Crawlspace | Oak Park Foundation Repair

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Oak Park Crawlspace After Rennovation Oak Park Foundation Waterproofing

Crawlspaces are notorious for having several entry points of moisture. American Crawlspaces, Corp. finds that many crawlspaces may develop standing water problems due to poor grading, overflowing gutters, downspout problems, and high water tables. As Chicagoland’s most dependable crawlspace repair and encapsulation business, American Crawlspaces, Corp. can correct your crawlspace problems and leave you with a crawlspace that no longer causes elevated energy bills, poor air quality, pest infestations and musty odors. You will discover that even though flooding is a problem, most of the moisture in a crawlspace enters as water vapor, or moisture in the air. The moisture in the outdoor air will enter through the vents, band board, and holes in the framing and foundation. With venting, the outdoor air infiltrates the crawlspace which causes condensation, mold growth, and higher heating bills. American Crawlspaces, Corp. can eliminate all these problems for you permanently. Damp, vented crawlspaces have the high humidity levels necessary for mold growth – plain and simple. Humidity levels from 70% to 90% are easily found in crawlspaces, even relatively dry, vented crawlspaces that have never flooded can produce enough humidity to spawn mold spores. But, don’t panic! American Crawlspaces, Corp. holds the solution to stopping your crawlspace from being a welcoming environment for mold growth. And, this is why Oak Park homeowners contact us – for our crawlspace mold elimination services and our crawlspace encapsulation systems to prevent future mold growth.

Oak Park Crawlspace

Oak Park, Illinois is located in is located in Cook County. Oak Park has a population of close to 54,000, and is the twenty-fifth largest municipality in the state. Every year, Oak Park is a fashionable destination of tourists who come specifically into the community to view the Frank Lloyd Wright structures throughout the village. Oak Park has the largest collection of Wright-designed residential properties in the world. Within the last decade, the Village of Oak Park has gone through a kind of revitalization with many shops, restaurants and boutique galleries providing unique shopping and nightlife opportunities for residents and visitors. Oak Park homeowners view American Crawlspaces, Corp. as the source for the crawlspace treatment and encapsulation in the Chicagoland region. They understand that the crawlspace’s condition ultimately affects the foundation to their home. If the crawlspace is unsound, chances are very good that the foundation of their home is unstable, too. American Crawlspaces, Corp. is widely regarded throughout the area as the preeminent source for crawlspace repair and solutions. So, it is not surprising when Oak Park residents seek us out for our unparalleled professionalism.

Oak Park Foundation Waterproofing

Just keep in mind that if you don’t control the insects and critters in your crawlspace, you will soon have to figure out how to control them in your house! American Crawlspaces, Corp. knows just how significant it is to protect the structure of your home and maintain a healthy indoor air quality, and that also includes warding off pests. Often times, the crawlspace goes uninspected for several years, allowing a major infestation to occur before the problem is even noticed. These pests may feed on the wood framing, damage insulation or heating ducts, and leave behind waste which may contain bacteria or other pathogens that can present a health hazard to the occupants of the home. American Crawlspaces, Corp. have come across many different animals and insects in crawlspaces. Spiders, beetles, ants, camel crickets, termites, wasps, and hornets have been found in damp crawlspaces. Animals such as raccoons, mice, rats, snakes, opossum, cats, moles and more have been found in a dirt crawlspace. Furthermore, your home’s crawlspace can be an ideal place for them to live and reproduce. American Crawlspaces, Corp. report that one of the best methods to prevent pest infestations is to install a crawlspace encapsulation system. After sealing the vents, drying the crawlspace, and having a heavy-duty vapor barrier installed, American Crawlspaces, Corp. predict that these procedures will deter pests from entering and living in your crawlspace. To learn more how we can save you money and restore your crawlspace to a healthier environment by repairing and/or installing crawlspace encapsulation, give us a call today. Request A Free Estimate

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