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Glendale Heights Crawlspace

Glendale Heights Crawlspace | Glendale Heights Foundation Repair

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Glendale Heights Crawlspace After Rennovation Glendale Heights Foundation Waterproofing

American Crawlspaces, Corp’s crawlspace encapsulation system completely isolates your home from the moisture in the earth and dramatically reduces the humidity levels in the air. When the liner is combined with elimination outside air penetration and conditioning or dehumidification, mold growth and wood rot are eradicated from your crawlspace making the whole house healthier, and you happier! Some homeowners will complain that they can’t afford to have their crawlspace encapsulated. Actually, they can’t afford not to have it done! American Crawlspaces, Corp. knows that what most homeowners don’t realize is that they are paying exorbitant amounts of money whether they have installed an encapsulation system or not. A vented dirt crawlspace can cost you thousands of dollars in damage over the length of your stay at the home. What American Crawlspaces, Corp. understands is that mold is present in every home and the great outdoors, but without moisture, it cannot grow to harmful levels. Mold requires three things to grow: organic material such as wood, the right temperature range, and moisture. And, of these, the only one that American Crawlspaces, Corp. can control is moisture. As a matter of fact, this is why we get so many calls from homeowners in Glendale Heights. They are well aware of our expertise in getting rid of the crawlspace moisture, once and for all, in their Glendale Heights home!

Glendale Heights Crawlspace

Glendale Heights, Illinois used to be a small farming area served by the Glen Ellyn post office until the 1950s. It was originally called Glendale, because it was between the towns of Glen Ellyn and Bloomingdale. However, after a conflict arose with the small town of Glendale in Southern Illinois, the city decided to add “Heights” to its name in 1960. This name referred to the community’s different topography – in some places rising thousands of feet above sea level; thus it became Glendale “Heights.” Located in DuPage County, Glendale Heights has a population of more than 31,000, with in excess of 11,000 households. The median household income is nearly $70,000, and the median housing value is almost $200,000. Today, Glendale Heights is a modern residential, urban community that encompasses both a vibrant character and community vitality. Numerous Glendale Heights homeowners have contacted American Crawlspaces, Corp. to come out and accurately diagnose their crawlspace problems. They have called us to receive their free estimate and consultation so that they will have an idea of what they need to do and how much it is going to cost. Our Glendale Heights customers trust that we will be able to address their crawlspace needs in an honest and affordable manner.

    The benefits to having American Crawlspaces, Corp. seal your crawlspace include:
  • Lowering your home’s energy costs;
  • Eliminating musty smells and odors inside your home;
  • Reducing moisture and humidity that causes mold, mildew and allergens;
  • Lessening the chance of structural damage to your home;
  • Eradicating pests from your home; and
  • Providing cleaner, healthier air inside your home.

Glendale Heights Foundation Waterproofing

American Crawlspaces, Corp. will tell you that the remedy to indoor air quality problems should begin with your crawlspace. A crawlspace is one of the most important areas of your home, but it is often the most neglected area. Although many people do not typically regard it as part of the home, American Crawlspaces, Corp. reports that it has a profound impact on the air quality in the living space of the entire home. As the air warms in your home, it begins to move upward. As the air escapes upward, replacement air is brought in from below the living space of your home on the first floor level. In the industry, American Crawlspaces, Corp. refers to this as the “Stack Effect.” This replacement air comes up from the crawlspace by entering your first floor level through the ductwork, gaps in the flooring, through and around holes in the floor from the wiring, conduit, and plumbing. If there are air quality problems in the crawlspace, you can bet it is going to affect the air quality in the living space on that first floor level. American Crawlspaces, Corp. reports that as much as 40% of the air on the first floor in a home originates from the crawlspace! So, without a doubt, you are going to want the professionals at American Crawlspaces, Corp. seal-off that access to the first floor with crawlspace encapsulation. Call us today so we can send out a representative to access your situation, give you an estimate and get your crawlspace on the road to recovery!

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