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American Crawlspaces, Corp. knows that basement waterproofing is the first step in preventing basement leaking. If you’re planning on finishing or refinishing your basement, it’s a good idea to come up with a basement drainage and sealing strategy first. A lot of things can happen to a basement that hasn’t been waterproofed. Basement moisture caused by leaking basement walls can lead to flooding and foundation repairs down the road. Also, blocked or damaged drains can also lead to water in the basement, which can damage your personal belongings. Many people don’t realize that basement waterproofing is also a good way to eliminate the problems of mold and mildew. If you have developed a mold problem due to moisture in the basement, in addition to basement waterproofing, you must completely kill the mold, or it will keep returning. Mold damage can easily spread from a basement to the floors and walls of the house, and mold can cause allergies and health problems. If rugs, furniture or drapes become contaminated by mold, they should be treated to kill the mold and deodorize them, because mold smells. And, unless the damage sustained by your basement or rest of your home is caused by a water pipe breaking, most homeowners’ insurance programs do not cover damage caused by dry-rot, mold, mildew or rust damage as the result of a leaky basement. This is further evidence of the value of having American Crawlspaces, Corp. perform your basement waterproofing, and why so many Glen Ellyn clients have had our representatives come and assess their basements’ water issues.

Glen Ellyn Basement Waterproofing

Glen Ellyn, Illinois is located in DuPage County, 23 miles west of Chicago. The affluent Village of Glen Ellyn offers the comforts of a big city while having the atmosphere of a small town. Glen Ellyn has a population of nearly 30,000 residents who reside in more than 10,000 households. Renowned as the Village of Volunteers, Glen Ellyn possesses provincial charm and a remarkable sense of community pride. It is a picturesque, old-fashioned community that places family values above all else. The median household income is in excess of $80,000, and the median home value is almost $400,000. Nature lovers continue to explore and enjoy Glen Ellyn’s 29 parks, the Willowbrook Wildlife Preserve, the Village Links Golf Course and access to the Illinois Prairie Path. For residents and visitors there is a satisfying blend of specialty boutiques and national retail outlets in Glen Ellyn. The downtown is pedestrian-friendly and full of local shops, restaurants and many nationally recognized stores. This scenic Village offers homes with a variety of architectural styles set among rolling woodland hills and surrounded by mature trees. Not surprising, Glen Ellyn families are dedicated to preserving their homes’ integrity which is why so many have contacted American Crawlspaces, Corp. for assistance in basement waterproofing and basement drainage issues.

Glen Ellyn Basement Drainage Systems

American Crawlspaces, Corp. knows that not all basement water is caused by flooding. Spring snow melt can leak into your basement, causing a problem. You might have leaky pipes or sewer backups, a failed sump pump, or a basement that always seems to flood when it rains. Any one of these events can cause potentially serious problems in your basement. In order to accurately diagnose these kinds of problems, it is always best to have the professionals from American Crawlspaces, Corp. work their way down, from the eave troughs to the foundation. In addition, they are also going to want to inspect the grade of the land next to your home, and then the plumbing system needs to be evaluated, both inside and outside the house. This all needs to happen before we even get started on basement waterproofing, because, if your problems are not properly identified, they cannot be appropriately cured. It would be like a physician operating on a patient for a gall bladder problem when the person really has kidney stones. We are like a doctor for your home. We first want to make absolutely sure we know what the problem is before we provide the treatment. Once the correct analysis is made, we can provide the appropriate basement waterproofing solution. Give American Crawlspaces, Corp. a call today to make an appointment so we can give your basement a check-up!
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