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Des Plaines Crawlspace

Des Plaines Crawlspace | Des Plaines Foundation Repair

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Des Plaines Crawlspace After Rennovation Des Plaines Foundation Waterproofing

American Crawlspaces, Corp. realize that most homes built over crawlspace foundations in the United States have the potential to develop poor moisture management. The current trend of striving for a healthy home is damaged by crawl space moisture. Some of the common symptoms of a crawl space moisture problem are:

  • Mold or moisture damage in the crawlspace;
  • Musty odors in the living area;
  • Condensation on air conditioning ductwork or equipment;
  • Condensation on insulation, water pipes;
  • Buckled hardwood floors;
  • High humidity in the living area;
  • Pest infestations;
  • Rot in wooden framing.

These symptoms are most often noticed in the humid spring and summer seasons, but they can occur at any time of the year. Often, residents call the heating and air conditioning contractor to deal with the problem. Typically though, the problem is not due to a failure of the air conditioning system; it results from poor moisture control in the crawlspace and can be solved by American Crawlspaces, Corp. Many Des Plaines homeowners have been contacting our offices to find out what American Crawlspaces, Corp. can do to make their crawlspaces drier and improve the quality of their indoor air quality.

Des Plaines Crawlspace

Des Plaines, Illinois is located in Cook County about 18 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago. Des Plaines has a population of almost 60,000 residents, with in excess of 22,000 households, and more than 15,000 families. Much of the village’s population is found outside the city limits in unincorporated areas. The median household income in Des Plaines is close to $54,000 and the median family income is almost $66,000. Des Plaines also has a median home value of right around $175,000. It isn’t unusual for Des Plaines residents to be looking for ways to renovate and/or improve their crawlspaces. These homeowners have contacted American Crawlspaces, Corp. to help them with crawlspace problems. We are committed to providing Des Plaines residents with the finest products and services American Crawlspaces, Corp. have to offer. They know they can always count on American Crawlspaces, Corp. to provide them with the finest crawlspace solutions for a price they can afford. Our crawlspace services are the finest in the industry, and American Crawlspaces, Corp. staff will work together with you to find the permanent solution that will fit both your needs and budget. You will soon discover that American Crawlspaces, Corp. entire crawlspace business operates under the same values, with the same mission and vision as you do.

Des Plaines Foundation Waterproofing

American Crawlspaces, Corp’s professionals will tell you that mold is present in every home and the outdoors, but that without moisture, it cannot grow to harmful levels. In order for mold to grow, there are three ingredients required: organic material such as wood, the right temperature range, and moisture. Of these, the only one that can be controlled is moisture. Your crawlspace is by far the largest source of moisture in your home. Mold will grow on any of the organic materials in a crawlspace, but mainly the wood floor components. Mold reproduces by forming spores and disseminating these spores into the air. Some molds produce mycotoxins, such as black mold. Throughout the year, mold releases spores into the air of your crawlspace, but the mold doesn’t just stop there. It eventually makes its way into your living space. Crawlspace mold spores can enter your home through open cavities in your sub flooring for the plumbing and electrical wiring, register vents, inside accesses, and especially the heating and air conditioning system. When this happens, you need to immediately get in touch with the experts at American Crawlspaces, Corp. so that we can apply our known remedies to correct your crawlspace problems and restore clean air and a healthy environment to your home in both your crawlspace and your living space.

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