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American Crawlspaces, Corp. was founded with one goal in mind – Ensure our customer’s basements are properly waterproofed and sealed against all elements. Properly waterproofing your basement is an essential to your home’s energy efficiency, as well as, it’s structural integrity. With our professional basement waterproofing, your wet, damp, or musty basement is no more. A waterproofed basement is exactly what your home needs to stand up against Chicago’s ever-changing seasons. Additionally, our basement waterproofing helps prevent and eliminate basement water seepage. With the right waterproofing, your basement will never need maintenance again. Luckily for our customers, we’ve been providing professional and affordable basement waterproofing solutions for many years throughout the Chicagoland area. With our help, your basement can be professionally waterproofed and look like new in no time. Recently, many Chicago Heights homeowners have been waterproofing their basements to battle the upcoming cold, wet weather. Unlike our competitors, we are local and understand the common basement waterproofing problems that Chicago Heights homeowners go through on a daily basis.

Chicago Heights Basement Waterproofing

Although seldom heard, Chicago Heights has one of the most captivating nicknames in the area, “Crossroads of the Nation”. You may wonder why a city that is located nearly 30 miles due south of downtown Chicago would have a nickname like this. It is because Chicago Heights is home to the intersection of the Lincoln Highway (US 30) and Dixie Highway (US 1). This intersection has historical significance. Recently in 2000, the Lincoln Highway was named a National Scenic Byway. Chicago Heights is much more than just an intersection. Chicago Heights is truly a peaceful place to grow up, live, and grow old in. Today, Chicago Heights is home to nearly 32,000 residents, which make up almost 11,000 separate households. Many of these Chicago Heights households are in need of basement waterproofing. We have helped countless Chicago Heights homeowners waterproof their basements for the upcoming cold and wet weather and we can help you, too. Not only will our basement waterproofing protect your basement against the elements, but it will also help decrease your energy costs throughout the year. Savings like that you can’t ignore, especially when your waterproofed basement will provide you with benefits for years to come.

Chicago Heights Basement Drainage Systems

Do you currently have a wet basement? Damp basement? Moldy or musty basement? Have you noticed water seeping through your basement’s concrete walls and floor? When it rains, do you have basement drainage problems? If so, you’re in need of our professional-grade basement waterproofing. A wet basement is just the beginning. Soon enough, your home will sustain serious structural damage from the ongoing water seepage and dampness. Many homeowners try and fix their wet, leaking basements by themselves. In most cases, this results in further basement water seepage and drainage problems. To truly rid yourself of a wet or leaking basement, you need to get professional help. Our basement waterproofing experts will diagnose your basement seepage and drainage problems and provide you with a reasonable waterproofing solution once-and-for-all. We have the experience and knowledge to handle your most troublesome basement waterproofing problems. Just give us a call today to speak with one of our basement waterproofing specialists! One call and your wet basement will no longer exist!
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